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{_}   Blake, Frank Ringgold: A grammar of the Tagalog language, the chief native ideom of the Philippine islands
Quezon City 1976, University of the Philippines Library
1 microfilm reel, 16 mm, Book, Microform American Oriental series; v. 1
Microfilmed with 19 other titles
Originally published by American Oriental Society, New Haven, Conn., USA, 1925
Location: UP Diliman Library

{_}   Bloomfield, Leonard, Santiago, Alfredo Viola: Tagalog texts with grammatical analysis
Urbana, USA, 1917, University of Illinois
3 v., Book, Typescript
University of Illinois studies in languages and literature. vol. III, no. 2-4 p. [165]-564
Paged continously. Photocopy. Texts dictated by A.V. Santiago
Contents: Pt.1 Texts and translations. Pt. 2 Grammatical analysis. Pt. 3 List of formation and glossary. Other ed., 1964 3 vols. in 1. Source record: Johnson, Rex E. entry no. 557

Location: Ateneo de Manila University, UP Diliman Library

{_}   Garcia, Lydia Gonzales: Mga grammatikang Tagalog/Pilipino (1893 - 1977)
Lunsod Quezon 1992, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Sistema
273 p., Book, Typescript, Includes bibliographical references Location: Ateneo de manila University, UP Diliman Library

{_}   Kroeger, Paul: Phrase structure and grammatical relations in Tagalog
Stanford, Calif., USA 1993, CLSI
XII, 240 p., Book, Typescript
Revised version of the author's doctoral dissertation, submitted 1991, to Stanford University

De La Salle University

{_}   Lendoyro, Constantino: The Tagalog Language: a comprehensive grammatical treatise adapted to self-instruction and particularily designed for use of those engaged in government services, or in business or trade in the Philippines
Quezon City 1975, UP Library
Origionally published by Impr. de El Mercantil, Manila, 1902
1 microfilm reel; 16 mm. Book. Microform.
Microfilmed with 19 other titles

UP Diliman Library

{T1Q Lopez 1980}   Lopez, Cecilio: The Structure of Tagalog
In Constantino, Ernesto: Three Articles on Tagalog
Quezon City 1980 (The Archive Spec.Mono. No. 7), pp. 1 - 55.

{_}   Santos, Pilar C.: Sinauna Tagalog: a study examining its genetic relationship to other Philippine languages
1975, A thesis (M.A.) presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School Ateneo de Manila University
79 leaves, thesis, Typescript, Photocopy

{_}   Schachter, Paul, Otanes Fe T.: Tagalog reference grammar
Berkeley, USA, 1972, University of California Press
X, 566 p., Book, Typescript
De La Salle University

{_}   ?: The Filipino bilangual: studies on Philippine bilangualism and bilangual education
Quezon City 1977, Published for the Dept. of language ang Linguistics by the Ateneo de Manila University Press
XII, 221 p., Book, Typescript

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